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  1. iTunes Match Request (RU iTunes)

    Rules: As at October 28, 2016. To make rikvest the user must be an active member of the site for at least 1 week with a reputable one, In addition, you must provide RU ITunes link Mp3 and copy for us. Timeline for up to 3 weeks.No more than 1 applications per month

    Any violation of these rules will lead to the closure of the topic.
    Thank you. Wells



    I help those who show at least some respect for those who somehow manifests itself in solving the problem or trying to at least do something, supporting, etc. If someone does not meet these criteria - their themes I just walk around the party, ignoring. But many do not understand, many people think that this forum should help them that way, downright obliged!

  2. General Requests

    Rules: As of 15th March 2016, To use this feature you must of supported 5 bands at least for one request a day (7 bands = 1 a day / / 17 = 3 a day etc) you must also state the quality you want (320kbps / V0) and a link to the album. You must also have 1 week activity in the community and 1 reputation point.

    Any violation of these rules will result in a warning point / locking of the topic and a PM. Repeatedly breaking the rules will result in a suspension from the requests feature.