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  1. Please  fix the links of ghost town discography
  2. I PMed you the link last night dude you get it ?
  3. yeah sorry bro my fault I said something I didn't do, thanks for reminding me, I'm on bus home ill do Ig as soon as im home hugely sorry been doing site and fixing shit and work etc
  4. Artist: KoRn Album Name: The Serenity Of Suffering Genre: Nu Metal Format: Mp3 Bitrate: 320 Year of Release: 2016 Tracklist: 01 Insane Please support this band, and all of the bands posted here! Facebook / iTunes Download
  5. wow bro haha... i'll see what i can do, i dont mind doing big ones only issue is some times it's awkward as fuck when only one or two songs across all releases match
  6. I much prefer we older iTunes look I know new one looks crisp but too much unneeded stuff
  7. none matched bro, having a poor time recently with match
  8. sorry bro none matched
  9. sorry bro no luck
  10. sorry bro none matched
  11. you able to quickly link me to the mp3s of the other 2 and ill do discog ?
  12. yeah its DE exclusive it would seem It's not in RU iTunes for wells and its not in US iTunes for the rest of us to try and match it... I'll see what I can do though for you
  13. I'm not familiar with the band, how many other albums are they for complete discography? I was thinking since its a semi might as well post the entire thing.. I woulda checked myself but at work atm
  14. yeah I can do bro just at work at the moment ill rerecord them tonight