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  1. The LINKS are dead! Could you fix this again ?
  2. Thank you a lot!
  3. @Wells Hey, do you have Atreyu - "Lead Sails Paper Anchor" and "Covers of the Damned" in iTunes? I have all the other albums in iTunes, which I would like to share. Let me know if you're interested.
  4. I tried opening it on Firefox, Google Chrome, Chromium and UC Browser (for Android). None of the method worked.
  5. Then probably something is wrong with the ISP. I'm unable to open the link. Will it be possible to host it on Zippy or anything similar? Sorry for the trouble.
  6. The Link is broken! So is my heart! Kindly fix this.
  7. This is a promising thread, however, all the links are broken. Any plans to re-up these any soon? With warm regards ☺️