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  1. You could at least include a top 5 rap album list, I know you listen to rap, too.
  2. Awesome track. Stoked to hear more from this band.
  3. I used to love Kingdom Of Giants, but something about their new stuff is off-putting. :\
  4. Reserved.
  5. Reserved.
  6. LOL This is fuckin' funny as shit. Tyler Shelton's (of Traitors) cat drumming Whore to a Chainsaw by Thy Art is Murder: https://www.facebook.com/Traitorsfl/videos/688795174590241/ I kinda feel bad for the cat, but it's too funny not to laugh at it.
  7. Nice!! Downloading that. -- Genre: Post-Hardcore Genre: Symphonic Deathcore
  8. What's your Steam username, Titan?
  9. You only have 15 bands on your iPod? How!?!?
  10. Clearly a PHC/electro guy! Of those, I've only listened to #1, #2, #6, #7 (and I have all four downloaded). I'll check the others out, though!
  11. Share one (or more) now; then, come back later, and share another! This will help us promote music of all types. All members can periodically come back to this thread to find new music. (Post the genre of the video, too, so others will know whether it's worth their time to view it, or not, depending on their preferences.) -- Genre: Deathcore / Death Metal
  12. Here's another social activity: list your top 10's, either overall, genre-by-genre, or using some other ranking system of your own. I'm going to do "of all-time" for this one, covering all my favourite genres. Since half of my top 10 would be taken up by Metallica (Thrash/Heavy Metal), I'll list them first, and omit them from the subsequent top 10 list. ... And Justice For All Master of Puppets Self-Titled (The Black Album) Ride The Lightning Kill 'Em All-------- [the list, in no particular order:] As Blood Runs Black - Allegiance (Deathcore) Medea Rising - We Were Never Meant To Be (Deathcore) LINK Disfiguring The Goddess - Sleeper (Slamming Brutal Death Metal) Vomit The Soul - Apostles Of Inexpression (Slamming Brutal Death Metal) Northlane - Singularity (Post-Hardcore) Memphis May Fire - The Hollow (Post-Hardcore) Slaves - Through Art We Are All Equals (Post-Hardcore) Immortal Technique - Revolutionary, Vol. 1 (Rap) Bambu - Exact Change (Rap) LINK Perturbator - I Am The Night (Synthwave) LINK Honourable Mentions: Kingdom Of Giants - Abomination EP (Metalcore) Purge The Plague - Self-Titled EP (Deathcore) LINK Strength In Numbers - Induce EP (Brutal / Downtempo Deathcore) LINK Infant Annihilator - The Palpable Leprosy Of Pollution (Brutal Technical Deathcore / Downtempo) The Red Shore - The Avarice Of Man (Technical Death Metal) Your turn.
  13. The image is missing.
  14. Here's mine. I use Mediamonkey because I love the customization options.
  15. I'd really like to inspire some more discussions and forum social activities to take place here on The Vault, so here's a general thread we can all get involved in: post an image of your desktop; whether cluttered or organized, let's all have a look at each other's. Here's mine: Also, here's my browser, and (because I use Classic Shell), my start menu: