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Android App (Downloads and Description)

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So after a few days work i bring you an app for The Vault, a few issues and details will be given in this thread as well as a download link for it to be installed on Android Devices. I know it's not 100% perfect or finished currently i have no job so i can spend a LOT of time fixing the bugs and getting reports from you guys, however when i get a job i won't be able to consistently keep an eye on it so try and help out iron the bug outs as soon as possible thanks.

Current Features:

Working Shoutbox, so you can chat to people on the site from the app on the go.

Working home screen so you can scroll up and down the most recent posts and download as you go, the shortest advertisement and the download page will be loaded in the same app so you don't have to open a webpage.

Working recent activity so you can view the activity on TV like you would do so on Facebook.

How To Install On Android Device:

Because Android and Google only allow installation of apps from the app store by default you just have to go into settings and allow installation of 3rd part apps, pretty sure a lot of you know that anyways.


Go to settings, then click on security and tick \\ turn on, ''Allow Installation Of App From Sources Other Than The Store'' and then save and go back to main screen.


Go to the app store and download a file explorer so you can find the .apk to install it on your device, i use ''File Manager'' it's free and ad free, just the odd pop up to rate it.


Once you have downloaded a file explorer then navigate to the .apk file and click it, then install it.


Done, you now have the app, now as i said above the current app launches the web version so just scroll to the bottom left and click Mobile Version for it to work, then it will keep the App version regardless of if you log out, or log in, or update the app.

App Version:

Version 1.0.0 TheVault 1.0.00.apk (Expired)

Version 1.0.01 TheVault 1.0.01.apk (Expired)

  • Removed drag down to refresh as it was contrasting with the scroll up in the shoutbox.
  • Added a link in the Secondary Nav bar to this topic so you can check for updates and change log.
  • Added Notifications.
  • Changed Icon on devices from the logo to an icon.

Version 1.0.02 TheVault 1.0.02.apk (Expired)

  • Redesigned Secondary Nav bar.
  • Removed the link to this topic with version number.
  • Fixed a few graphical errors

Version 1.0.02a (No Update Required)

  • Added affiliates to the Home page.
  • Global shoutbox working.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs

Version 1.0.02b (No Update Required)

  • Mobile navigational buttons now work to navigate the site

Version 2.0.0 TheVaultMusic.apk

  • Whole rework of the application
  • Whole rework of the design of the website
  • Removal of the side nav bar due to it been useless now

Screen Shots:


Tablet (Google Nexus 6):

large.56e98d31f16c1_Screenshot_2016-03-1 large.56e98d304041e_Screenshot_2016-03-1  large.56e98d2e7afe3_Screenshot_2016-03-1

Whatever Device @dp4003 has:

large.Screenshot_2016-03-16-17-27-06.jpg  large.Screenshot_2016-03-16-17-25-52.jpg

be nice if someone took screens on their mobile devices so i can add them thanks.

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be nice if someone took screens on their mobile devices so i can add them thanks.


I would, if I had a mobile device.  :( 

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EDIT BY TITAN: just removed pictures due to size, i'll add em to the post now though thanks dude

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