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Windows Application [WP8 // WP8.1 // Win10 // WP10] (Download and Description)

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Second app installment for Windows Phone, first it was Android now it's Windows, i mainly made this for myself as i have a Windows Phone 8.1, it took me a few hours it's simply the mobile version of the site made into an application, it's easier then going to the web browser all the time and it generally just looks nicer in my opinion. It's also on the official Windows Store.


Current Features:


Working Shoutbox, so you can chat to people on the site from the app on the go.


Working search box which will bring results of what your searched up, which is accessible from the secondary and main navigation to help find stuff.


Log in form so you can log in as well as log out.


Working Gallery so you can navigate uploaded pictures, comment and rate them, permission settings working so you can view private albums etc.


Global Shoutbox so you can view the chat from anywhere on the site.


Auto adjusting to the size of your screen, so there's no code breakage, Shoutbox \\ Forums etc will go to your screens resolution making everything easy to see.


Refresh icon in the apps native nav bar, so you can refresh the shoutbox and the page.


Working private messages and notifications.


Mobiles back button works as a back button on the application (Unlike the Android App)


Up Coming Features:


Upload photo to Gallery from mobile device, this is going to take some time so don't expect it yet but it will be happening.


Known Bugs:


Currently on some devices the app may load the website version, instead of the mobile version just ensure you scroll to the bottom and select mobile view, everything should be fixed even when updated.


For some reason Well's download links don't work and i don't know why -_- working on it though.


How To Install On Windows Device:


Download for Windows Phone 8.1 from Windows Store: Download

Download for Windows Phone 10 from Windows Store: Download

Download for Windows 8 from Windows Store: Download

Download for Windows 8.1 from Windows Store: Download

Download for Windows 10 from Windows Store: Download


App Version:



  • Equivilant to Android App 1.0.02a


  • A few graphical changes

Version (No update needed)

  • The portal page will now resize to the size of 315px if screen is less than 480px if screen is larger it will resize to the size of the screen.
  • Gallery will now show images to the size of your screen.
  • Changed the buttons of the global shoutbox.


  • More graphic changes
  • Mobile nav buttons work navigating the app

Version (No updated needed)

  • Overhaul of the uportal styling, uses html tables instead of css resizing to ensure pictures are correct size.


Screen Shots:


HTC 8S (Developer Preview Enabled):


med_gallery_1_3_72677.png med_gallery_1_3_56546.png med_gallery_1_3_89144.png


be nice if someone took screens on their mobile devices so i can add them thanks.

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