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We're Looking for People Like You!

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Hi Guys, It's us!
So, we were thinking on new innovative ideas to improve the efficacy and satisfaction rate, and we thought...

1. Coming on our next update we will present a new feature, which consists in giving certain benefits or perks to those of you who donate, one way or another; in a certain way, like special access to premium features. Consequently, we want you guys to recommend or give us an idea of what benefits you would like to receive, in exchange of your generous actions. Please, comment below some suggestions, so we can start working on the development of this awesome idea. 
2. In addition to our previous idea, we yet had another one, with the intention to enhance our interaction and communication with you guys. We are looking for translators, people willing to help us expand our site's available language options. In order to apply, please email us to: [email protected], telling us which is the language you speak and why would you like the honor of this awesome spot. 

As always, thank you for staying tuned and your support. We hope we can count with your cooperation. Everyone can participate or apply, so don't be shy! 


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